benefits Competitive remuneration packages, and a generous benefits package that includes prime medical, dental and vision coverage.
 Referral Rewards:
Increase your earnings by sending your friends and colleagues with great IT skills to us. If they are successfully placed on assignment with Patson USA, you will earn a bonus of $500 for the referral once they start working for us for atleast three months. referral rewards
 Certification and training:
Certification_training Patson USA encourages all its employees to constantly update their knowledge base by doing certifications and Training in the required fields. Patson USA will provide a certain percentage of the Certification fees based upon the approval by the Management.
Immigration support:
Immigration sponsorship and support for qualified employees. We use one of the top immigration attorneys for all immigration related work. Immigration
Total transparency:
Transparency We maintain total transparency with our employees and are more than willing to share the billing rates with the contractors.

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