Job Opening 1022. Java Developer

Java with Sprint Boot i.e. Microservices / API developer

Charlotte, NC  (2 Positions)

Rate: $45/hr

Roles & Responsibilities:

* Build Microservices APIs using Springboot to consume and deliver large scale of confidential data

* Responsible for API Design, API Development, API Integrations and Microservices Management

* Establish best practices on distribution & consumption of Microservices APIs

* Responsible for implementing DevOps, CI/CD practices and tools such as uDeploy, Jenkins, Gradle or Maven

Required Skill set:

* 5+ years of JavaEE experience

* 3+ years of experience with Spring, Spring Batch, and Spring Boot

* 2 + years of Java Web Services experience

* 2+ years of ANT or Maven experience

* 3+ years of experience with continuous integration tools such as Anthill or Jenkins

Desired Skill set:

* 2+ years of experience in Microservices development

* 2+ years of experience with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

* 2+ years of DevOps experience

* 2+ years of experience with Talend ETL Tool

To apply: Send your profile to

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