Diagnos Soft

Diagnostic Software

Features of “Diagnostic Software”

This Software facilitates in carrying out investigations and entry of Investigation findings based on Consultants advice for In-Patients from the respective Nursing stations. The Investigations advised for Out-Patients OR In-Patients (from Wards) will be available on waiting screen of doctor.
It generates all types of reports like Pathology, Xray, Ultrasound, MRI Test which are done in diagnostic centre. It handles billing function of any small to big diagnostic centre. It is Windows Based, Powerful software for Diagnostics Centre. Connect Pathology, Radiology departments.

  • Generate slip after investigation entry.
  • Generate all type of pathology, radiology, USG, CT scan and other investigation reports.
  • Generate refer doctor, department wise investigation report.
  • Display All Patient Registration Tests on Selection Screen
  • Screen Contain All Information And Diagnostic Details of a Patient at a Click
  • Any No. Of Test, Category, Department Can Be Add Trough Master
  • Daily Report Of Patients
  • Daily/ Monthly/ Ref By Collection Report
  • Percent wise cutoff list of patients for all doctors
  • Percent wise cutoff list of patients of perticuler doctor

  • OPD
    • Patients’ personal details, complains, clinical findings, diagnosis, investigations and prescriptions all on mouse-clicks reminders that pop up on his every visit.
    • Patient’s history retrieved / printed on a single click.
  • Certificates
    • Create your own pre-formatted templates for certificates / letters.
    • Generate patient specific certificates / letters.
  • Prescriptions
    • Prescriptions in different languages.
    • Provision for printing duplicate prescription.
    • Add next due vaccines, over-due vaccines, age related instructions, specific advise to prescription at a click of a button.
  • Billing
    • Bill Generation
    • Monthly Billing,Pending Outstaning, Billing between perticular date
    • Bill Printing and Receipt Printing Seperataly
  • Receipts
    • Generate / Print receipts for patients through the software.
  • Data Analysis
    • Find out the number/details of new / old / lost patients during a period.
    • Find out the number/details of patients with a specific disease, administered a specific cheif complaints.
    • Find out the number/details of patients referred by a certain doctor.

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