The importance of a Business Analyst is like no other in an IT project. It is a role that makes the transformation of business requirements into software applications a reality. A Business Analyst is the one who devises and drives technical solutions for a business need/case/problem at hand. A strong process orientation, business model expertise, excellent communication, thorough understanding of various business components and coordination with Clients, Management, Quality Assurance, Development, Design and Environment/Support teams are few of the key skills that a BA should possess.


It is one thing to understand the syntax and basic rules (which you will even find in the user manuals) but another thing altogether to be able to write code, adapt and implement solutions in Java that will set your applications apart from the others. Our instructors are going to instill the thought process in you to think like a Java developer and share the best practices, tips and tricks that will make your journey to mastering even the most advanced topics of Java a fun ride.


QA Training

As a Quality Assurance Tester you will be at the heart of the software development process.

You must be detail oriented and love to spend hours in front of the computer. The main responsibility of a Tester is to find mistakes in websites and software applications. Becoming a Software Quality Assurance is easy and you don’t need any programming background to study in the Program.

Even during times of economic slowdown, QA testers are always needed. Because software development is a world-wide trend, you can often work from home testing software from another country. Many QA Tester positions are project based so the better Tester you become the faster your salary will grow. New software is being developed every day all over the world.

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