QA 101: Introduction to Manual Testing

manualtestingQA 101: Introduction to Manual Testing

This course is a comprehensive introduction to Software Testing and Quality Assurance. During the 16 classes you will learn: Software Development Methodologies, the Role of Quality Assurance in a Software Development Life Cycle, Common Software Testing Life Cycles, Software Testing Types & Definitions, Test Planning, Test Design, Test Cases Development, Test Execution & Results Analysis, and Test Matrices.The starting salary is estimated at $40,000. Career opportunities as: Test analyst, test engineer, test consultant, test manager, user acceptance tester, or software developer.


Once you complete this course successfully you will achieve below skills:

  • Recognizes the objectives of project.
  • Handle projects with more efficiency and technical knowledge.
  • Update your skills regularly to get more knowledge.
  • Ensure that your product meeting the required standards.
  • Developing the test cases for each scenario.
  • Run the test cases to evaluate the test performance.
  • Evaluate test performance more accurately.
  • Communicate the risks involved in projects.
  • Applying multiple tests to get accurate results.


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