SOAPUI SOAP Service Tutorial

SOAPUI SOAP Service Tutorial

Getting started with some ad-hoc testing of a SOAP service is straight forward; select the “New Project” option from the File menu, which will prompt the following dialog:


Paste the WSDL path into the Initial WSDL/WADL field (the Project Name will be extracted from this) and press OK. SoapUI will work a bit and create the project with the imported WSDL available in the navigator. Go straight to the first “Request 1” request generated for the Conversion Rate operation and double-click it, which opens the following window:


Now all you have to do is enter the codes fot the desired currencies and press the green arrow on the top left to submit the request to the target service, which will return a nice response for you:


If you are using the pro version of SoapUI, or have a general dislike for XML syntax, you can use the Form view instead for the request and Overview for the response:


That’s it, you’ve done your first Ad-Hoc test of a SOAP Web Service, now dive into the details to get to grips with all the possibilities!

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