QA 106: Mobile Apps Testing

QA 106: Mobile Apps Testing
Patson USA’s QA 106: Mobile Apps Testing is designed with unique course material to test mobile applications with real world scenarios. We are the proven training providers in mobile apps testing by facilitating cut-throat training on iPhone testing, Android testing, iPod testing, Windows app testing and Unity app testing.

Usage of Mobile devices has witnessed dramatic growth in present world. But at the same time it has to work on various mobile devices and operating systems without any breakdowns.

There are many challenges in performing mobile app testing and out online testing training in Mobile apps reduce those entire complex issues like below:

  • Mobile device is more restricted as compared to desktops.
  • It is very hard to control the user interface on a mobile device.
  • Mobile devices are not statically located entities.

We have structured our course content to solve above issues and meet the challenges occurred in mobile test automation. By learning mobile test automation course, you will get advanced in below aspects:

  • Testing efficiency will be improved
  • Consistent testing process
  • Enhanced regression tests
  • Takes less time with more coverage
  • Easy to find bugs

Various types of GUI test automation tools are available in the market for IOS and Android and practice them with our real scenario basis training methods and course subject materials.

  • Platform specific tools.
  • Generic script based tools.
  • Random event generator.
  • Whitebox testing tools.
  • Blackbox testing tools.


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