SV Services

Patson USA’s Definition:

Service Virtualization is the ability to capture and simulate the behavior, data and performance characteristics of dependent systems and/or components, that are either currently unavailable or are in an unusable state, in development or testing regions.

Patson USA’s Vision:

Patson USA’s Service Virtualization(SV) Services Team is committed to providing the development and orchestration of virtual services by delivering easy-to-use and robust SV solutions. Working in close conjuncture with many of our client’s internal teams, we promise to add agility, availability, and scalability to our organization by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of resources and applications in use.

Patson USA’s Mission Statement:

Help our clients to significantly scale up their capacity and deliver more projects by boosting productivity and by removing wait times for constrained services.

Patson USA’s SV Team is focused on virtualizing applications in Assembly and Test environments enabling Build/Development and QA teams to conduct componentized Development Integration Testing, SOA and Performance testing and in some cases System Integration Testing, by emulating internal and external endpoints.

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